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Cantina Pizzolato

Villorba, Treviso, Veneto

A green winery in the heart of Treviso

Among the 30 most beautiful wineries in Italy

Opened in May 2016, our winery is located in Villorba, a short walk from the historic center of Treviso and a few kilometers from the renowned and evocative Venice. A place where people, wines, ideas and passions come together in moments of encounter and pleasure related to the fruit of man's labor.

A winery always on the move, which is transformed into a great place for sharing and excitement through evenings, events and activities aimed at everyone. The design of Settimo Pizzolato pushes for greater affordability of finished products and accessibility of organic wines for all wallets.

The history of villorba winery



Mobile bottling


The expansion of winemaking


A dream come true


L'Officina del Vino

The first mobile bottling line is assembled in front of the historic Villa Pizzolato, a mansion depicted on numerous maps of Villorba, also dating back to 1680. Some family members help Settimo hand-pack the very first bottles of organic wine.

The winery begins to enlarge and expand its sales markets as well as its production. These fruits make it necessary to expand the winemaking cellar area: a new facility dedicated to wine processing is thus added. Storage capacity reaches 15,000 hectoliters.

2016 is the year in which the new cantina Pizzolato was born. This project involves the entire production chain incorporated into a single structure: a new wine shop with reception and offices, followed by the warehouse, bottling and two winemaking areas. A suspended walkway makes it possible to visit all the production and receptive parts of the winery.

In November 2021, the winery builds one last accommodation facility, theOfficina del Vino, the agri-wine bar that represents the completion of the Pizzolato Hospitality project. A place dedicated to wine, conviviality and hospitality with the aim of enhancing the winery's experiential offerings, which features a rich and varied calendar of events and guided tours each year.

"Whatever you can do, whatever you can dream, begin. Boldness carries within it brilliance, magic and strength. Begin now."
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The winery with organic roots

The architectural design combines past and future, walking in the present.

The new, modern headquarters enhances the importance of the historic villa, home of the Pizzolato family. The house has always been a symbol of hospitality and family unity, so much so that its three arches are depicted in the company's coat of arms, telling the origin of a story that contributes to the growth of an entire company and consolidates its founding principles. In line with its own philosophy, even for the construction of the winery we have chosen to make use of consultants, suppliers and, above all, local materials, that is, zero-mileage.

The building has a "skin" consisting of a cladding of wooden planks placed vertically that recall the vineyards, the oxidation of which will contribute, over time, to the integration of the structure into the landscape, echoing the traditional rustic buildings of the Treviso countryside. The winery also has numerous points of contact with the outdoors: some grass surfaces act as a transition between the parking area and the building, while a wooden plaza gives continuity to the interior.

The presence of the Villa constitutes a primary element in the composition of the elements. The office area is structured to be our representative image and has a direct relationship with the open space by having a reception area, sales point and laboratory area on the ground floor. Upstairs, moreover, a fascinating glass tunnel with no visual barrier connects the historic villa, the past, to the nascent vineyards, the future.

The wood used in the project is Cansiglio beech. The wood, PEFC certified, comes exclusively from the controlled Cansiglio forest through a selection process implemented in agreement with Veneto Agricoltura. A zero-kilometer wood as the Cansiglio forest is located only twenty-five kilometers from the production site of ITLAS, supplier of this product of excellence. Cansiglio beech also has technical characteristics of exceptional strength and resistance, so much so that it has been used since the time of the Most Serene Republic of St. Mark. A complex and sophisticated project, giving rise to a structure that is extremely contemporary in its linearity, reflecting the present and future of our winery. A structure that blends with the surrounding territory, in that continuous dialogue between knowledge, respect and well-being that are the principles of the organic lifestyle.

A winery of successes

awards and mentions

Project included in the national traveling exhibition "New Italian Wineries. Territories and Architectures" at Vinitaly 2022.
- Verona and other countries in Italy, 2022

Winery decreed "Landscape Excellence" at Vinitaly 2018 at "Wine&landscape," an event organized by Mipaaf, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in collaboration with Paysage/Topscape, an international magazine of Landscape Architecture.
- Verona, 2018

Inclusion of the project within Mario Cucinella's Arcipelago Italia during the Architecture Biennale '18.
- Venice 2018

Selection of the project that lands in Japan as part of Atsuko Ueda's traveling exhibition.
- Tokyo, 2019

Mention "Winery among the 30 most beautiful in Italy" according to Sky TG24.
- 2020

Nominated for Big Architecture Awards 2018
- Ljubljana, 2018

Selection to the Veneto project within the Barbara Cappochin International Prize.
- Padua, 2017

Mention in the Mies Van Der Rohe Award '17.
- Barcelona, 2017


The green lung of the estate


The green lung of the estate

All our vineyards are conducted following the principles of organic cultivation. A true green lung where biodiversity is the key that opens its doors: the dragonfly is the symbolic insect of our estate, indicating a clean environment, free of chemical contamination and rich in its natural biodiversity.

Here the vine is in its habitat, with wild grasses growing around it, dragonflies, ladybugs and other insects. In this clean, living nature, the plant grows and produces balanced fruit that expresses its territory. The roots of our vines sink into the warm soil, a soil rich in skeleton and mineral elements, packed with stones dragged through time by the historic Piave River. Just from our green expanse we can see the mountains that originated them, the wonderful Dolomites.

Welcome to our wine cellar

In Villorba, hospitality is green par excellence

Guided bio tours through the vineyards

Come by and visit us and immerse yourself in our healthy and unspoiled lands: the tours are meant to be food and wine experiences that, through wine tastings, give a taste of the history and typicality of our territory. Visits to the winery begin with a walk through the vineyards, passing by a suspended walkway that will allow you to see with your own eyes every moment of the production process, from the grapes to the bottle, up to the guided tasting in the winery.

Wine collections

Immerse yourself in the world of organic by savoring all the characteristics of our certified organic and vegan wines.

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie DOC Extra Brut Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

White wine IGT Veneto "Huakai" from resistant vines

Spumante Prosecco superiore DOCG Conegliano-Valdobbiadene extra dry "Stefany"

Hospitality at the Villorba estate

Between wellness, hospitality and wine culture

L'officina del vino
TheOfficina Del Vino is our agri wine bar, the place for wine, knowledge and sharing.
Point of sale
In Villorba you will find our store, dedicated to all Pizzolato organic wines.